Bureau Bailliage of Chaine Des Rotisseurs

International Catering Association Chairman  

Chinese Culinary Arts Master

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Federal International Hotel Agencies Produced



National Yan Shark Expert

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Individual Honors:

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The Famous Chif of Guangdong,Hong Kong and

与世界御厨杨贯一大师亲切合影                 与香港食神教父戴龙在一起


Diet Emperor of Asia-Pacific



Shenzhen Industry Expert Committee Member

Blue Ribbon Medal of Chaine Des Rotisseurs


MBA International Hotel and Catering Management
Academic Medal


Chinese Delicacies Ambassador



Golden Spoon Award of National Top Ten

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Shi Xiaozhong was born in October 1971, and in
Haifeng of Shanwei City,Guangdong. He is the founder of Hong
Kong Zhongge Delicate Haifeng Cuisine. He has been serving senior
business and resort hotel 20 years since he works in Chinese food and
catering management. He takes care of and receives national important
leaders and Hong Kong movie stars many a time, and is highly appreciated
for his products and management by them. He helps the hotels win many
gold medals at home and abroad. He is named Good Manager and Advanced
Model of Work repeatedly. There are several papers about cuisine written
by him on national professional publication. He used to be a consultant
for Shenzhen Chef Catalog which was published by Shenzhen Haitian Press.
His experience was recorded in Classic Shenzhen and Honor Shenzhen,
which were memorial literature for 25th anniversary of the establishment
of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The two books were published in 2000
and in 2005.And in 2006, another two books published his story, which
were Chinese Famous dishes and Guangdong Celebrity. He was invited as an
adviser of the Diet Service Development Centre of SASAC in 2008. And he
was elected as the Executive Director-General of Asian Council of World
Hotel Association and the Senior Expert of World Hotel Brand Research
Center in 2009.

Shenzhen Procurement
Center Expert


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First-class International Judge

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