How to create many sites with a single Drupal installation

With Drupal you can create more than one website with a single application. You can use different databases for each site or a single database but different prefixes for your tables.

If you have two domains – and and the first one is the primary one. If you want to create two different sites for those domains you can easily do it by following these steps:

  1. Install Drupal at the primary domain name for your account. In our case that would be
  2. Create a new MySQL database and assign an user for it. This database would be for your second site
  3. Make a folder named /sites/ inside your main Drupal directory (public_html in most cases)
  4. Copy /sites/default/default.settings.php to the new folder you have just created
  5. Rename this file to /sites/
  6. Point your domain to the same hosting account and park it through your cPanel or Plesk control panel
  7. Go to and follow the steps entering the details for the new database you have previously created in step 2.

That’s it, you now have multiple websites controlled by a single Drupal application.

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